We raise heritage-breed pigs here on the farm. Right now, we have York-Duroc crosses, Tamworths and some Berkshires. These breeds are well suited to pasture and have plenty of acreage to romp, roam, and root for forage. They are supplemented with non-GMO (transitioning to organic) pig feed from Stone House Farm in Hudson, NY.

Our cows are a varied bunch: at any given time, we have some Charolais, black angus, and hereford cows. Our cows are 100% grass fed. We do not supplement with grain, corn, or anything other than our own hay (which we cut from pristine pastures....never cleared with Round Up, as is a common practice) and a mineral lick.

Occasionally, we'll offer whole chicken roasters that we have raised here on the farm. These also sell out quickly, so if you'd like to reserve one, please send us a note.

                                             309 route 7 North         Falls Village,  CT                                           

We'll be opening again in just a few short weeks! Look for our signs along Route 7 in May 2019 and stop by, anytime/ self-serve, for pastured meats, pastured eggs, raw milk, organically grown veggies from the garden and a few new items.

See you at the farm!
Lara and Patrick


From late spring through fall, we grow a variety of vegetables. We always choose non-GMO seeds and never, ever use any sort of chemical pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer. Weeds and bugs are removed by hand. You can find our fruits and veggies, harvested by hand at the peak of freshness,  in our farm stand throughout the growing season.

Pastured Pork, beef, and chicken

Our flock of 200+ hens are given free range of the farm. They eat grass, bugs, and a small amount of non-GMO (transitioning to organic) grain from Stone House Farm in Hudson, NY. We stock the eggs in our farm stand and the eggs always sell within a day or two. This is about as fresh from the chicken as it gets!

On occasion, we'll also carry duck eggs but be forewarned...they sell out almost immediately!


Pastured non-GMO meats and eggs 

Vegetables grown without any herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers


Mountain view farm