Mountain view farm

​​​Patrick and Lara Hafner (that's us) have been running Mountain View Farm since they moved there in 2013. 

Our focus has shifted over the first few years from vegetables to meat production, but our goal remains the same: to produce high-quality, chemical-free vegetables and non-GMO pasture-raised meats, supplementing the animals’ natural foraging and grazing only when necessary and only with the best quality grains.

All of our animals live on pasture and are treated humanely. The pigs and hens are supplemented with non-GMO, locally-sourced grain (our suppliers' organic certification is in progress). The cows are fed only grass and hay from fields that never see Round Up or chemical fertilizers. Vegetables are grown the way nature intended: no pesticides, no weed killers, and started on the farm from heirloom seeds. Mountain View Farm is a labor of love and we hope to continue to grow in order to meet the increasing demand for pure, locally grown food.

You can find our products year-round in our farm store at 309 Route 7 North, Falls Village, CT 06031. 

The store is open from dawn until dusk.