Mountain view farm

Located conveniently along Route 7 in Falls Village, CT, the farm stand offers a variety of self-serve options. The stand is open from dawn to dusk and stocks a variety of pasture-raised pork, beef and chicken in the freezer and fresh, pasture-raised chicken and duck eggs in the refrigerator.

We also stock raw milk from Cornwall, CT on a seasonal basis (May-October).

All of our meats are pasture-raised. Our cows are 100% grass fed (never grain or corn finished). Our pigs roam and forage on pasture. Our chickens and ducks truly have the run of the farm: there's a good chance you'll see them wandering around the driveway on their way to their favorite puddles or fields. They often follow the cows around and eat mostly bugs and grass but are given a small amount of organic grain to supplement their diets.

Because we're big fans of wild-caught fish from clean, cold waters (they're really high in omega-3's), we also sell Wild Alaskan Salmon and halibut. The fish is flash frozen right at the port after being sustainably caught, and it's delivered directly to us.