Mountain view farm

Interested in putting a whole or half hog in your freezer? Great idea! It's an excellent way to save on our really high-quality meat. To reiterate, all of our pigs are pasture-raised and fed the most high-quality grain. We always source non-GMO grain and are looking to transition to organic. When people try our meat, they're amazed at how flavorful the cuts are. The difference in quality between pigs that are raised in a factory setting and those that are raised out on open pastures is remarkable.

Still on the fence? Our whole/half pig prices are very competitive. We're significantly below most other farms and we are happy to sell you the whole/half pig at close-to-wholesale prices.

Our slaughterhouse is humane certified so you can be sure that from start to finish, your animal will have lived a healthy, happy life in ideal conditions. 

The prices for a whole pig are 4.75 per pound hanging weight (that's the weight of the pig after slaughter, minus the head, intestines and organs) and 5.00 per pound for a half pig. Typically our pigs dress out (i.e. hanging weight) at about 200 pounds, which means the price of a whole pig would be $950. A half pig would be between $450-500. You also pay the cost of slaughter and smoking (if you want your bacons/ hams/ hocks smoked). The slaughter fees usually run about $300 for a whole pig, $150 for a half, but it varies according to weight and to how many different cuts you want. The fewer you order, the cheaper it is, and vice versa.

To place an order, the best way is to call us. 860-491-0040. We can walk you through filling out your 'cut sheet' (how you want your pork cut up and processed) and let you know when the next slaughter date will be.  You can expect to have your pork within a month or so of the slaughter date. We'll require full payment for the pig before we slaughter it. You will then need to pick up your meat from the local slaughterhouse and pay their slaughter fees directly.

All ready to order? Great! Contact us through the website (under the Contact tab) or give us a call  and we'll get the process started.